Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day trips on Day trips

One thing I will miss is how convenient it is to hop on a bus or train to take a day trip. Within the past 3 weeks, I went on several trips with my friends to the following cities:

-Amalfi Coast (Capri, Sorrento, Naples, Amalfi)
-Cinque Terre

You can see that I've been up and down the entire Western coast.

Viareggio- beach time!!! Only an hour and half away from Florence.
The Girls

Amalfi Coast with Brit and Josie
Highlights: Hiked to the highest point in Capri, Monte Solaro, Blue Grotto, Stayed in a beautiful villa in Sorrento, Ate amazing seafood in Amalfi, and ate the original Margherita pizza in Naples.

Capri, Italy
View from Monte Solaro
Blue Grotto
THE Original Margherita Pizza

Siena & Cortona- Amazing hilly cities! Got to do a wine tasting at Castello Verrazzano.

The valley
Castello Verazzano vineyards
Our wine tasting room
Chianti Classico

Lucca- Such a cute, quaint town. Happened to go when they have their once a month flea market. Lucca has such pretty churches! We also did an olive oil tasting at Fattoria Il Poggio~

The famous wall that surrounds the city
Alli, Me, and Paul at the tasting

Cinque Terre- Most recent day trip with Alli and Josie. One of my favorite trips~ Cinque terre was absolutely beautiful. We only made it to 4 cities and had to skip out on the 5th. My favorite city was Manarola. That city had the most color and breathtaking views.




 My time in Florence is now dwindling down. I have 10 days before I'm back home in VA! Such a bittersweet feeling. I have one last week of classes and then finals the following week. My sister is also coming to visit this weekend, so I'm SO excited! I have to use the rest of my time here wisely. Eek!

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