DIY Burlap Banner

This is really quick and easy to do! Whether you want to make a banner for a bedroom (like me!) or an event such as a wedding, engagement, or themed party, this is the perfect way to add a rustic, country-esq touch.
I made a "DREAM" sign to hang above my bed at school, since my headboard sat low, and the wall was looking bare.

1/2 yd Burlap (Jo-Ann fabrics, costs ~$4/yd)
White acrylic paint
Foam stencil brush
Stencils (optional)
Jute twine

Glue or needle and thread

First, I cut out the triangular shaped burlap pieces. I just free-handed the cut, but if you're a perfectionist- I suggest making a guide out of a thicker material such as cardboard or cardstock paper.

Then, use a stencil to spell out your word/phrase.  Place the stencil about 1 inch lower than the center because you will be folding the top over, later. I did "DREAM" but I've seen many people do simple images or "JUST MARRIED"...etc! Be creative!

Using a foam brush, dab the acrylic paint onto the burlap. Be careful, it will bleed through so place the burlap triangle over some newspaper.

This should dry quickly, within a minute.

This is the hardest part, fold over the top about 1/2 inch, and either glue the flap over or sew the top, leaving some space for the jute twine to loop through. I heard there was a special glue that advertises itself as a "No sew" glue. Lucky for me, my mom used her sewing machine and did it quickly with a beige thread. (Try red, or an accent color thread if you want to add color)

Lastly, loop the jute twine through and hang your precious banner!

DIY Coasters for Under $3

I am a sucker for coasters. I think they are a fun way to decorate your tabletops while saving your furniture from wet ring marks from your glasses.
I saw this project on Pinterest and immediately went to work.

You only need 5 simple materials: Ceramic tiles, Scrapbook paper, Mod podge, Felt, and a clear sealant spray.

I used a 3.5 x 3.5 inch tile. You can purchase tiles at your local home improvement store like Lowes for about $0.40/tile. Everything else can be found at a craft store like Michaels.

As you can see I cut the scrapbook paper into 4 pieces, a little smaller than the tile itself. I used a foam brush to spread the mod podge directly onto the tile and then laid the paper on top. Make sure you rub it on smoothly without forming any air bubbles.

Afterwards, put a coat of mod podge ontop of the paper. You can apply up to 2-3 coats.
After waiting for the mod podge to dry clear, spray a coat of a clear sealant. You can choose any kind of finish you'd like. I chose to use a matte finish. This will protect the coasters from any liquid damage.

Lastly, cut out 4 pieces of felt to glue onto the bottom. I used a tacky all-purpose glue, but you can use mod podge if you wish to do so.

VOILA! You're finished!