Friday, April 27, 2012

Last but certainly not least...#4: Dublin

I will keep this extra short and sweet since I only spent 1 full day and 1 night in Dublin, Ireland. I'm not going to lie...but at first I had no interest in going to Dublin. I had stereotyped it to be a very green, pasture-like city with nothing to do. BOY WAS I WRONG! Dublin was a very busy, NORMAL city. The people were friendly and spoke English. It was really nice to hear English. I automatically thought I was in the U.S. The girls and I went to the Guinness Storehouse. We learned how to properly pour a Guinness, which was really neat! I really enjoyed the Guinness beer, not super bitter or strong.
Afterwards, we decided it would be really neat to ride a carriage back to Grafton St, the main street.
Grafton Street was full of people! The street was very busy with street performers, tourists, and locals. It was a fun street to people watch and window shop at. We walked around and went to Trinity College, the largest university in Dublin. Trinity College has been around for over 400 years! The buildings on the campus were beautiful, reminded me of a mini VT. The grass in the campus was well-kept and super green. You don't find grass in Florence, so I was so excited to see the plush grass. LOL. Oh the little things....
The last and most adventurous thing I did during spring break was get a fish pedicure. Ever heard of one? It's very popular medical treatment in Turkey! Essentially, Fish without teeth, nibble on your dead skin. Alli and I figured we would try it out, since our feet were exhausted from all the walking we did during our SB trips. The feeling, is indescribable. A combination of ticklish, refreshing, pain-free, and weird! Lucky for me, I made a new friend during my experience...she was this 8 year old Italian girl...I asked her to hold my hand! Hahaha...
The trip to Dublin was perfect. By the end of it, we were ready to be back in Florence. Firenze is our home, and while we are away, we miss it so much!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

#3: London

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do, more like catching everyone else up! :P
(Still talking about spring break.....)

In London, I got to see Emma! Which was the highlight of the trip, obviously. It was SO good to see her after being apart for several months. We had lots of catching up to do in so little time.

As soon as I got into town, I had fish n chips! :) Also, London has the real Diet Coke, and not Coca Light. Our first meal was heavenly.

My favorite part of the trip was going to the Borough Market. I could easily spend hours in that market. I loved seeing all the local vendors and farmers come together at the gigantic farmer's market. While I was walking around, I purchased a chunky-chocolatey brownie (of course), English cheese and chips called a Rauclette, some Chai Tea to bring home and a canvas tote to support the local artist.

I forgot how amazing my trip to London was!

I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which was SO much fun! One of my favorite museums by far. I got to see different art, costumes, name it! from different countries all around the world. It was also cool to see the industrial things, such as items we use today. The transformation of a Sony Walkman to a Apple iPod....and just old school things that brought back memories!

I even got the chance to ride the London Eye and get a spectacular view of the city!

I ended up doing so much in the short 48 hours. I went to Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4, Buckingham Palace, Gordon Ramsey's Restaurant "Savoy Grill", and even got to see my first show, Les Miserable. Les Mis was amazing!!!! I highly recommend it.

The trip was right up my alley. It was so nice speaking English after traveling to places that speak Italian, German, French......

That's London in a nutshell! Stay tuned for my last SB stop, Dublin.