Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy belated V-Day!

Started the day feeling really tired...but was instantly rejuvenated at yoga! I signed up for the yoga club at school that meets every week. That's the least I can do :) I need to fight off some calories from my recent gelato-addiction.

Went to Gusta Pizza with Josephine and Alli and got a classic Margherita pizza... in a heart shape, of course! It was delicious!

Met up with Alexis, my sorority sister who is visiting from Riva. It was so good seeing her! The girls and I went out for a drink at Fish Pub. I ended up going to Red Garter, a popular bar all the American students go to...(Tues night= beer pong night). As I was walking home with my friends, I ran into one of the guys who sell roses. If you don't know what I'm talking about- there are guys who sell roses for a living, walking into restaurants, bars, and along the streets trying to get people to buy them. Anyway- I ran into the guy who's always at the Fish Pub. He recognized me from our frequent run-ins at the Fish Pub. He ended up giving me a free rose! Hahaha

That made my night. My V-Day was wonderful! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day! :)

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