Monday, January 30, 2012

First day of class!

Today was the first day of school at LDM (Lorenzo de' Medici). I only had one class, HR Management, at 6pm! The class meets once a week for 2.5 hours. I'm gonna have to find a way to get used to these 2.5 hour classes since I'm used to taking 50 minute classes!

So HR Management went well! The teacher, Stefano, is a middle-aged native, born in Italy who studied in Boston for several years. He ended up loving the US so much that he stayed long enough to get US Citizenship. He's really cool and has an interactive teaching style. I'm really excited for this class because it's 1)not a science class 2)love management 3)smaller size (20 students, unlike my 300 person lectures)

Anyway- backtracking through my day.

So I woke up at 12pm, which is the earliest I've gotten up all week. I walked around and ran some errands. I bought my italian book, applied for my Permit of Stay and went to the post office. At the post office, everything was in Italian! I just needed to buy stamps to put on my postcards.. but I didn't even know how to say stamps. LOL. The way the post office is set up is, you press a button for the type of service you need and get a number. I lucked out and pressed the right button "P"...When my number was called, I managed to say 4 stamps, Quanto costa..etc. I always mumble some spanish words, because some words are similar.

Overall, I was pretty productive during the day. I am finally getting settled in and can navigate through the city alone! Wooooo. Excited for my 2 classes tomorrow!!

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