Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Venice & Ventian islands

Wow, i'm slacking at keeping up with my blog. My apologies! I like to just sum up my trips with the highlights. I always post all my pictures on my Facebook page, for those who want to see more. Blogspot is a little slow when it comes to uploading pictures...

So we left Florence on Friday morning at 6am. We rode boats between the main land, Venice, and the islands. Did you know, Venice is made up of over 100 islands?

I got to walk around S.Marco, the only piazza and the "lowest point" of Venice. Supposedly, Venice is sinking....so if you haven't been, I suggest you go soon. ;)

At last! We are here

The Bell tower at S.Marco

Gondolas, a must-do in Venice

Me and 3 of the roomies!

Amazing pizza at Ae Oche

Venice has great seafood! I went to a restaurant for lunch and had fried calamari and some mussels! Absolutely delicious! I also had a glass (or 2) of prosecco, since all the other Venetians were doing it ;)

The next day, we went to the Venetian islands, Murano and Burano.
Murano is known for their glass and Burano for their lace.

A maestro demonstrating his skills

A glass horse he whipped up in a couple minutes

The colorful houses and shops

The delicate lace handkerchiefs

Overall, great trip! I'm looking forward to spring break in 10 days!
I will be heading to Berlin, Paris, London, and Dublin! I cannot wait to see Emma and Kelly in London! Missin' my sisters!

Just booked a trip to the Amalfi Coast over Easter break and Prague in late April!

So many places to look forward to! :) Keep posted! xo

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  1. AHH your pics from venice look so wonderful!!! i was sick with the flu when everyone in my group went for carnevale!! :( :( ahhh SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN LONDON!!! <3<3